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Wit and Wisdom for a One Party State

A handbook for government by wishful thinking

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Price, n. Of private purchases,what the market will bear. Of purchases by the State, what the market won't bear.

2008 P KRUGMAN 24 Sep. "So I just did a Nexis search trying to find out when Paulson and Bernanke started talking about price discovery, which we’re now told [is] at the core of the plan’s logic. And the answer is … Yesterday."
1972 B BARKER 4 Sep. "Oh, my, thank you, thank you so much, welcome to 'The New Price is Right'; and let me assure you fans of the old 'Price is Right' that this is your favorite game still based on the pricing of merchandise with wonderful awards for smart shoppers. We call it 'The New Price is Right' because we have some exciting new games that you will enjoy right there at home with our studio audience, and we're going to get that first game going right now. Here's the first item up for bids on 'The New Price is Right'."


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