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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Perceive, v. To draw moral inferences from the evidence of one's own senses. The impossibility of making such a connection was first proposed by the liberal philosopher David Hume, in his Treatise of Human Nature, published in the 18th century. Politicians who have attended university can be crippled for life by exposure to its content, finding it almost impossible to answer the simplest of questions, even when, in their hearts, they are eager to do so. The cost to the Republic of this book, and of its Cliff Notes summary, have been very great indeed.

2008 S PALIN via ADN 15 Aug. "Some could perceive this as pressure, but I stand by, Woot--Walt Monagan was not 'pressured', to fire, Wooten. But given the evidence of what could be perceived as, evidently -- but anyway, go ahead. ..."
2008 S PALIN via ADN 15 Aug. "... I believe that what is accurate is that some, evidently, would have perceived pressure, based on, ah, like, Frank Bailey's, uh, call to a line trooper. If that's what they believe is pressure, then I could see how somebody could perceive that, but it's not acknowledgement that troop--er, that Monagan was pressured, to fire, Wooten. ..."
2008 S PALIN via ADN 15 Aug. "... With all these contacts that had been made, even compiling them together, as I said yesterday, some could perceive it, taken as a whole, as some kind of pressure, if that's the way that they wanted to perceive it, and that's why we brought things forward yesterday to say 'Look, here are the contacts that were made, we're not hiding anything', um, if this was pressure, (a) Walt would have told me that it was pressure, and he was uncomfortable feeling pressured as a Commissioner, um, (b) if there was any pressure, then, ah, it's here, it would be in these contacts, and the most, um, I guess relevant piece of evidence was that tape that had been, that was turned over yesterday, but -- I don't believe that it was pressure, Kyle. ..."
2008 S PALIN via ADN 15 Aug. "... Look, I have a bunch of interviews today, so you'll have to get to whatever topic it was that you were doing, okay."


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